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The Happy Ogre Philosophy:

At Happy Ogre Entertainment L.L.C. we do not
believe that fancy web pages or high
pressure sales makes a company superior
over another, nor do we believe that in order
to hire a professional company you should
have to pay high prices!  
Our philosophy is simple, we believe in
offering top notch professional D.J. and
karaoke services at affordable prices.  We
save on advertising and third party referrals
and pass the savings on to you!

Scott Bednarski (Founder & Owner)

Happy Ogre Entertainment  would like to thank you for your interest in
our services. Happy Ogre Entertainment specializes in fun! We offer
state of the art professional music and karaoke services at very fair
and affordable prices. We have thousands of digitalized music and
karaoke titles for you to choose from. We also offer Megatouch video
games with any package.

Happy Ogre Entertainment is a multi-system company playing many
venues and  private gatherings all across lower Michigan.     

There is no party too big or party too small, we play them all!

Below is a list of current  establishments that Happy Ogre
Entertainment is proud to be affiliated with:


We Offer Professional Work at Affordable Prices!
Daddy Daughter Dance
Karaoke & Music
Song Selections
Every Month!
Happy Ogre
Entertainment L.L.C.